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Quality and Environment 

We strive to analyse and reassess our impact on the environment and the local community.

Being responsible for resource use and their impact.

We align our environmental efforts with local Jordanian environmental policy and the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

To incorporate the SDGs into our policies and procedures to have the most impact we look at our entire value chain. Due to the fact that Maida controls all aspects of our value chain we can implement environmental standards and policies in different areas and choose to source ethically from third parties.

We are a carbon negative farm and use clean renewable energy as well as clean water technology and monitoring.

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Our Story

During the season, as well as mechanical harvesting we also employ nomadic families. In 2022/23 we had 90 nomadic families to harvest the groves setting up their tents around our farm. This provides seasonal work for entire families both men and women equally. When they have camped, we provide them with their electricity needs and water for the duration of their stay before the picking season ends.


By constantly seeing what other flora or vegetation we can plant on our land we are diversifying the landscape to see what can be enjoyed by the workers living there and what adds to the benefit of the environment while not having a negative impact on our water consumption.

From Our Trees to your Table 

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